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The BCCGA has been successful at working directly with contractors in our popular DigSafe BC! Sessions. Given the time constrains of these sessions, the Alliance has not been able to expand the dialogue beyond a basic educational exchange.  The Taskforce is therefore designed to expand the conversation with contractors and to generate specific recommendations that will help the Alliance better serve this constituency and improve underground safety in BC.

The goals of the Construction Taskforce are to:

1. Create a conduit between BC contractors and the BCCGA to discuss safety concerns, practice issues, and other considerations concerning ground disturbance.

2. Develop a set of specific recommendations pertaining to ways in which the BCCGA can better serve the interests of this stakeholder group.

3. Collect practical methods and approaches designed to address safety concerns and safe practice related to ground disturbance within the BC contractor community.

4. Initiate utility strike tracking to collect data to address trends on roots causes by either evoking change; education and training; or resource development (example: DIRT Tool or other industry accepted standard).

5. Develop training and certifications for employers.

6. Increase the understanding of best practice and other considerations related to safe excavation and ground disturbance practice (example: contractor education session).