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The Safety Committee is mandated to carry out safety programs and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding issues related to safe practice.

City of Excellence Award

The Safety Committee maintains and oversees the BC City of Excellence Award which is awarded annually.

BC Common Ground Alliance announced the first annual City of Excellence Award in 2009, designed to recognize local governments for activities that improve ground disturbance, safe excavation techniques and best practice at or around underground infrastructure, in the year previous to the award.  Metro Vancouver received the first City of Excellence Award in 2009.

Congratulations to the following 2015 City of Excellence Award winners:

  • The Capital Regional District for the second year in a row!

The Capital Regional District has been awarded the City of Excellence “Gold Standard” award for 2014 and 2015, recognizing local governments for activities that demonstrate safe excavation techniques at or around underground infrastructure.

Receipt of this award indicates the highest standard of safety by all City crews involved in activities related to ground disturbance and excavation, including Public Works, Parks, Engineering, and Occupational Health and Safety.


Recognize BC City, Municipality or Regional District activities that improve ground disturbance, safe excavation techniques and best practice at/or around underground infrastructure in the year previous to the award.


Any BC local government – including: City, Village, Township, District, Municipality, Regional District, First Nation communities and Tribal Councils that demonstrates and meets the criteria.


Primary Criteria:

  • Performance – low level of incidents/ hits/ accidents

Secondary Criteria:

  • Safety innovation (i.e. new practice/ activity, promotion/ educational activity and/or recognition practise)
  • Educational activities (i.e. DigSafe BC! Workshops, tailgate/ site safety meetings, in-service sessions)
  • Awareness of safety (internal)
  • Awareness of safety (external)
  • Overall safety process  – initiate, monitor, measure and correct (including contractor systems and relationships)
  • Site safety program (i.e, internal check list)
  • Policies and procedures in place (i.e Municipal by-law, safety manual, and/or organizational rule/ practice)
  • Best practice adherence (i.e. BCCGA Best Practice Guide)
  • Emergency Procedures and planning in place (i.e. evidence of an emergency plan in place) / how do you react or respond to loss of containment and/or loss of service?

Jury Selection:

  • Each sponsor classification will contribute at least one representative

Selection Process:

Once a jury is selected, members will convene a process to evaluate submissions and will allocate participants to one of the three designated award categories based on the established criteria.

Award Recipients:

2009 — Metro Vancouver

2010 — City of Nanaimo

2011 — City of Victoria

2012 — City of Burnaby

2013 — City of Victoria

2014 — Capital Regional District

2015 — Capital Regional District