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Safety Video ~ Natural Gas Lines

British Columbians are at serious risk when underground infrastructure such as buried gas lines, pipelines or hydro lines are struck or damaged because building contractors, homeowners and other excavators are not aware of the lines’ precise locations before digging.  In BC, there are over 2,000 documented hits to underground infrastructure each year.   Many more go unreported.

A contributing factor to damages is lack of awareness of the excavation rules in BC, particularly as they relate to natural gas lines.  Most cases of worker and public safety risk and damage are completely avoidable/preventable.  BCCGA, in collaboration with WorkSafeBC, FortisBC and Technical Safety BC  has developed a video that demonstrates the procedures that can reduce the risk of injury and potential damages that are directly linked to the lack of hand exposing the underground.

Please share the safety video with your workers, co-workers and members.

ToolBox Meeting Guides (WorkSafe)

Underground Facility Locator Information

  • The Underground Facility Locator’s Field Task Competency Manual specifies Locator training standards and competencies requirements in an effort to increase the accuracy and reliability of locates.  The Manual, developed by Locate Management, contains task descriptions developed by subject matter experts with input from industry stakeholders.

Legislation and Regulations

Cross Bores

Horizontal directional drilling can result in unintended intersections with existing utilities.

Safety and Awareness Education Portal

Students, industry and the general public have a better understanding of issues pertaining to safe and respectful behaviour.  Visit their website for additional resources.

Occupational Health & Safety

JobHero has a number of  useful general Occupational Health and Safety Resources.

VelvetJobs also has Occupational Safety and Health resources for employers and employees.