WorkSafe BC 2010 Proposed Regulatory Amendments – Deadline for Written Submissions

 The Board of Directors of WorkSafeBC approved public  hearings to be held in May-June 2010 to consider proposed  regulatory amendments to:

  • Part  1 – relating to the definition of qualified registered  professional;
  • Part  4 – relating to the definition of late night hours;
  • Parts  4 and 26 – relating to avalanches;
  • Parts  1, 4, and 20 – relating to notification of utilities;
  • Part  4 – relating to wire rope guardrails and prior  approval;
  • Part  8 – relating to leg protection;
  • Parts  4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 23 and 31 – relating to respirator  protection factors;
  • Part  9 – relating to alternate procedures (confined  spaces);
  • Part  12 – relating to swing-arm restraint;
  • Part  13 – relating to swing stages and prior permission;
  • Part  15 – relating to standards for slings;
  • Part  16 – relating to warning signal device;
  • Part  19 – relating to minimum clearance (electrical  safety); and
  • Parts  5, 6, and 30 – relating to biohazardous agents.

The  proposed amendments with explanatory notes and details  of the public hearings can be accessed via the WorkSafeBC  website or the link below:

 2010  Proposed Regulatory Amendments <>

The  public hearings will provide stakeholders with an opportunity  to comment on the proposed regulatory amendments. WorkSafeBC  welcomes your feedback on the amendments by either written  submissions or participation at the oral public hearings.  Written submissions will be accepted until 4:30 pm on  Friday, June 4, 2010. Please  note that the public consultation phase is separate  from the public hearing process. Accordingly, if you  provided comments during consultation, and you wish  your feedback to be considered during the public hearing  process, would you please make another submission on  the proposed amendments. Sincerely,
 Anne Burch
 Director, Prevention Policy and Regulation Review
 Policy and Research Division