Best Practice 2.0 Consultation Process – Feedback Deadline

On behalf of Andrew Mark, Chair of the Best Practice Committee, I am pleased to introduce the Ground Disturbance Best Practice – Working Draft version 2.0. – for your review and subsequent feedback/ changes. This Draft has gone through some significant revisions. The Best Practice Committee has incorporated new practice from Ontario and the look and feel of the previous version has changed significantly. The most notable change concerning Draft Version 2.0 is that is has also been broken into specific stakeholder modules to make it more relevant and user friendly.

The Consultation Process:

The first round of consultation is scheduled to take place over the course of June – deadline for the first round of feedback is Friday, July 2nd, 4:00pm. Once feedback is received by staff, a draft will be constructed with all of the proposals included. This draft of all stakeholder proposals will then be circulated mid to late July.

Face-to-face meetings will be held to work through final points of convergence. This process will likely take place early August all things considered equal.  Special thanks to the BC Safety Authority for contributing a technical writer for this stage of the process. Ideally, we should have a final draft by the end of the summer. Taking into consideration printing and contingencies, we should ideally have a finished product by our October BCCGA Member/Board meeting – October 28th.

Document Download Instructions:

Given that the documents are very large and cumbersome from a data perspective, we have posted Version 2.0 on our website, broken-down by module in MS Word. This draft can be obtained by logging on to the BCCGA website: –  in the “Members Area”  – under the “Committee Work” tab. The password is: “pass4members”.

Members and Stakeholders are encouraged to review the document make any necessary changes that may be required using – MS Word – tracked changes function. To ensure the process is truly inclusive, members/ sponsors are encouraged to circulate the draft internally within your organization.  Version 1.0 is also available for review under the Best Practice Section of the website.

Please email the revised documents to — clearly marked “Best Practice Feedback” in the subject line of the email.

Our goal is to produce the best document possible.  Thank you for your time and consideration of this correspondence…we look forward to receiving your feedback.