Call for Help for the CCGA Drive for 811!

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance 811 campaign is in the final stages.  In order to demonstrate to the CRTC that we are working with provincial health ministries and to demonstrate the breadth and spectrum of our stakeholder support for this initiative, we are asking members of the BCCGA (and its supporters) to send letters to the BC Ministry of Health emphasizing the need for the shared use of 811.

Attached is a template that can be used for this purpose.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the BCCGA office.   Please copy the letter to the CCGA by emailing Mike at  For maximum effect, you may also wish to copy the CRTC and the Premier’s office as well.

As a final note, time is of the essence – the CRTC may be weeks away from rendering a decision.  This is potentially the last opportunity to influence their decision.

For more information on the CCGA 811 initiative, please see the summary here.

Thank you for your support.