Excavation Focus Groups

The BC Common Ground Alliance, in partnership with Fortis BC, is undertaking a series of focus groups in Metro Vancouver to dialogue with excavation professionals during the month of February 2013. We will likely hold three separate meetings in the Fraser Valley and in the Vancouver area. Walter Wright, a professional researcher will be overseeing the project.

We need your help to identify knowledgeable excavation participants.  If you are interested in participating please contact Walter Wright ASAP directly via e-mail at: walter.wright@fortisbc.com or phone him at (604) 592-7653.

   ** Please note: in exchange for their time, participants will receive an honorarium of $175.
The primary objective is to understand why line hits occur and how we can to reduce the number of hits.  This study will provide a unique opportunity for the excavation community to discuss the pros and cons associated with current excavation process and practices. From a utility’s perspective, the information collected will help improve public safety and will inform various internal initiatives designed to reduce hits to underground infrastructure.
Specific objectives of the research include:
  • Why do hits occur?
  • Where do excavation professionals receive their information from?
  • What is the role of FortisBC in providing that information?
  • Which communication channels are the most appropriate for providing information?
  • What are the most effective ways to reach and educate members of the excavation community?
  • How effective is our current material and communication channels?
  • Is language a barrier to effectively communicating the material?
  • How can FortisBC, BC One Call, BC Common Ground Alliance and other organization improve their communication and education activities?
To succeed, the research company needs to recruit 20 to 25 individuals who would be willing to discuss their experiences and their views with regards to the effectiveness of current excavation processes and communications. The study needs a broad array of individuals from all sectors involved in excavation. This would include those involved in the private as-well-as the public sector-  employees from large and small companies, excavators, contractors and landscapers. Please note, those associations that participate will receive a copy of the study’s findings and will be considered an associate partner for this project (that is, if you would like to be).