Call for DIRT Data Submissions for 2012



How many damages occur each year?

What are the primary causes of damages and near misses?

Are these events increasing or decreasing – and why? 

These are some of the many questions that the BCCGA is working to answer through the collection of data in BC.  Being able to answer these questions remains a necessary step in ensuring the safety and protection of people and the infrastructure.

The BC Common Ground Alliance is in the process of creating the second annual Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report. The DIRT Report is the only comprehensive statistical analysis of damage and near miss events involving underground infrastructure in the province. This information is used by safety organizations, regulators, municipalities, infrastructure owners and the excavation community, to better target safety initiative to the areas where they are most needed. DIRT Reports are produced annually in jurisdictions across Canada and the United States.

Reporting is easy and anonymous.

We need utility owners and excavators to report their damage and near miss events to DIRT!

To participate in DIRT, call 604-568-2700, and we will do everything possible to make reporting effortless.

More information and previous DIRT reports can be found at