Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors – Deadline Extension

Due too many requests, CAPULC has extended their submission date. All reviews and welcomed comments are to be submitted by May 16, 2014 to


To All Industry Stakeholders:

The Vision and related Mission of the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC) is to provide leadership, promote safety, and work to enhance the value and reputation of the underground facility locating industry in Canada.

CAPULC’s subsequent mandate is to: (1) define, establish and preserve the identity and the common interests of the underground facility locating industry; (2) educate and promote better relations between members and governmental agencies, other Associations, contractors, professional engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, utility companies, one call centers, the public and the underground facility locating industry; (3) develop standards for the locating industry in Canada and; (4) encourage the education of Association members in the pursuit of underground facility locating in accordance with sound business principles.

As contractors, CAPULC has a vested interest in shaping our future, and is therefore taking a proactive role in the development of standards for the locating industry in Canada.  Guidelines for evaluating competencies and qualifications should be determined by those who possess knowledge and expertise within the locating industry and exemplified by the members.

In response to our mandate, CAPULC is pleased to present this new training tool for underground facility locating. This manual is intended to become a record of the practical locating skills acquired by the Locator.

The tasks identified in this manual represent the “hands on” aspects of a line locating field training program. When blended with knowledge components found in recognized courses and manufacturer’s reference materials, the desired overall learning and competency should be achieved.

From the Locators point of view a recognized training program provides a process for the Locator to be acknowledged for their efforts. From the Facility Owner/Operators’ point of view, it verifies that the Facility Owner/Operator has made reasonable efforts toward identifying and implementing safe and proper procedures of performing underground facility locating tasks.

Attached is a draft copy of the Underground Facility Locator’s (UFL) Field Task Competency Manual ©. We are requesting reviews and comments from all industry Stakeholders with regard to the attached manual document.

All reviews and welcomed comments are to be submitted by Apr. 20, 2014 to:

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Submitted on behalf of

Randy Palaniuk, NCSO                                                  By:      Jason Mugford
President, CAPULC                                                                     Executive Director, CAPULC