For Comment – Underground Facility Locator’s Field Task Manual

We have been asked to forward the following to our members on behalf of CAPULC:

To: CAPULC Members and Industry Stakeholders:

The Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC) is pleased to present you with the second draft of the Underground Facility Locator’s (UFL) Field Task Manual, dated August 7, 2014.

CAPULC would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming positive support received for the first draft of the UFL Field Task Manual, sent out on March 28, 2014. Your feedback and comments were very much appreciated and extremely valuable in the creation of the second draft. Damage Prevention is a shared responsibility. As contractors, CAPULC has a vested interest in shaping our future, and is therefore taking a proactive role in the development of this manual that will form the foundation for best practices and locating standards in Canada. CAPULC believes this second draft will form the basis for Version 1.0 of the UFL Field Task Manual that will become available to CAPULC Members and Industry Stakeholders in the fall of 2014.

Please read the introductory pages that explain the purpose and intent of the UFL Field Task Manual. The introductory pages explain the value of the manual to UFL’s and Facility/Owner Operators, how to use the manual, and the certification process after completion of the manual. CAPULC is requesting reviews and comments from CAPULC Members and Industry Stakeholders with regard to the attached manual document.

All reviews and welcomed comments are to be submitted by August 22, 2014 to: and/or 

Thanks in advance for your responses,

Submitted on behalf of,

Randy Palaniuk, NCSO

President, CAPULC


Jason Mugford

Executive Director, CAPULC