BC Safety Authority’s 2015 State of Safety Report

We are pleased to share with you the BC Safety Authority’s 2015 State of Safety Report, a comprehensive overview of BCSA’s activities and information analysis, including data on installation and operating assessments, incident investigations, as well as research and enforcement activities.  The report is designed to help people understand technical trends and use the knowledge to make informed safety decisions.

In addition to summarizing information on installation and operating permits, physical assessments, and incident investigations, BCSA’s 2015 State of Safety Report also highlights longer-term trends on specific types of incidents such as uncontrolled refrigerant ammonia releases, carbon monoxide leaks, elevator levelling, and passenger ropeway (e.g., ski lift) deropements.

This year’s report also includes information on hazards found by their safety officers during physical assessments, and unpermitted work discovered by BCSA.