We need your help!

Data informs nearly every aspect of BCCGA’s operations and industry recommendations. From the formation and publication of our Best Practices manual to public awareness efforts, BCCGA’s Data Reporting & Evaluation program touches every aspect of damage prevention. The program collects critical information, allows us to analyze the numbers and produce targeted recommendations to damage prevention stakeholders about how to best protect buried facilities.

The Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT, www.cga-dirt.com) allows stakeholders to submit underground damage and near-miss reports through a completely secure, private web application. Using information submitted through the tool each year, BCCGA publishes an annual report (the DIRT Report).

We are hoping to be able to further strengthen the value of the report’s conclusions and recommendations by including as many reporters and incidents as possible.  We need your help!

Please take the time to enter your data into DIRT on the DIRT Website.

If you need any help, please email us at info@commongroundbc.ca and we will do what we can to assist you.