BC Safety Authority’s 2015 Annual Report

BC Safety Authority’s 2015 Annual Report has been published, and we invite you to have a read. This report provides an overview of BCSA’s operational and financial performance in relation to targets set in the organization’s 2016-2018 Business Plan  and in alignment with BCSA’s 10-Year Strategy.

BCSA’s programs and projects for 2015 included:

  • Enhancements to the MyConnection online client service portal
  • Introduction of fact sheets, a pilot initiative to connect clients with their own safety knowledge and equipment information
  • Delivery of 84 education events for clients
  • Introduction of alternative channels for clients to connect and transact with us
  • Introduction of new incident investigation reporting templates for better data and quality management
  • Documentation of 45,127 hazard assessments
  • Identification of 1,550 unpermitted worksites in the gas and electrical technologies
  • Distribution of 11 electronic newsletters for clients and sharing 19 new safety insights