Engagement Strategies for new Damage Prevention Regulations

Your Opinion Matters!

The National Energy Board has brought new Damage Prevention Regulations into law and are asking Canadians for input into the engagement strategies that would be the best ways to reach relevant parties about these new Regulations.

As part of these efforts, the National Energy Board (NEB) has launched a brief survey for Canadians to submit their feedback on engagement tools, methods of outreach and key messages. The feedback that is received will help inform the NEB on its engagement strategy.

This questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and will be online until September 30, 2016. The results will be published on the NEB’s Damage Prevention web page on November 1, 2016.

Begin the survey

If you are unable to access the questionnaire electronically or require a paper copy, please email the NEB at DPinfo@neb-one.gc.ca.

Link:  http://www.neb-one.gc.ca/sftnvrnmnt/dmgprvntn/dmgprvntntrch-eng.html