2015 DIRT Report Just Released!

The Western Canada 2015 Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report provides detailed analyses and recommendations pertaining to the submitted buried asset damage event reports in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

DIRT is the result of the efforts of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) to gather meaningful data regarding the occurrence of buried asset damage events. An event is defined by the CGA DIRT User’s Guide as “the occurrence of downtime, damages, and near misses.” DIRT allows industry stakeholders to submit data anonymously to a comprehensive database that is used to analyze the factors leading to events.

This combined DIRT report is the second annual report for Western Canada.  For 2015, 4,563 events were submitted, with the majority of the events (58%) reported in Alberta. This represents an overall decline of 365 events, or approximately 7.4%, over 2014. Declines were experienced in Alberta and British Columbia, while the number of reported incidents in Saskatchewan increased due to an increased focus on reporting.