Bill S-229 Communications Campaign – We need your help NOW!!!

The BCCGA has been working with our stakeholders, the public, the provincial government, and our common ground alliance partners to protect the health and safety of our workers as well as the environment. We have been working closely with our elected officials, at all levels, to encourage the introduction of damage prevention legislation that will mandate registration of underground infrastructure with One-Call Centres and govern the damage prevention process. Some huge strides have been made in this regard, with the development and introduction of Bill S-229, The Underground Infrastructure Safety Enhancement Act, by Senator Grant Mitchell.

While Bill S-229 will only govern damage prevention requirements for federally regulated underground infrastructure, and underground infrastructure on federal lands, this is a very positive and significant step. It is our hope that the Bill will become a model for further initiatives that cover provincial and municipal lands in Alberta. It is in this regard that we ask you to reach out to our federal representatives and provincial representatives alike.

We are asking you to support Bill S-229 by engaging with your friends, family, colleagues, contacts, and elected officials by following @CanadianCGA, @DigSafeCanada and the #S229 hashtag on Twitter, and by sharing our Facebook posts (DigSafe Canada and the Canadian Common Ground Alliance).

Additionally, we ask that you take part in our letter-writing campaign by using the following letter drafts:

  1. Letter to Elected Officials and Senators from stakeholder groups
  2. Letter to Elected Officials and Senators from individual
  3. Letter to Provincial Officials
  4. Letter to be used internally with your organizations and work places
  5. Senator Mitchell article that can be used in industry publications/employee newsletters

You can find the names and email addresses for your representatives, in the list provided.

Here is a step-by-step process to help guide the letter campaign:

  1. Follow the link on item number 2 above to find the letter to the Elected Officials and Senators.
  2. Copy the text of the letter into the body of an email.
  3. Write the subject line “Federal Legislation Bill S-229”
  4. Follow this link to find the email addresses of the elected officials:  Emails for all MPs and Senators
  5. Copy and paste all email addresses for Senators and MPs as recipients of the email.
  6. BCC on your email.
  7. Follow the same steps for the letter number 3 and the distribution list for the BC MLAs.

There are instructions and quick links on this page of the CCGA website to assist your support efforts.

Thank you for helping to encourage the protection of the environment, our workers and the integrity of BC’s underground infrastructure.