Are you Risk Intelligent?

Today’s Lythism –> How can we possibly seek to understand ‘safety’ at work if we don’t know anything about the psychology of risk or how people’s minds work?

Please share this opportunity with your colleagues, members and anyone else you think might be interested or could benefit from this session.

Understanding the way people make judgments and decisions is fundamental to developing risk intelligence.  The Social Psychology of Risk and cultural factors are critical in tackling the challenges of risk in the workplace.

Coming to Vancouver on May 8, 2018 –> ‘Risky Business: Safety Culture and the Psychology of Risk with Dr. Rob Long’.   International presenter, author, and psychologist Dr. Robert Long will facilitates a 1-day workshop that will introduce participants to the social psychology of risk and safety culture in organizations.  See the full event brochure for details.  Register Now!

The Program gives participants an understanding of the terrain of risk. Participants will receive exposure to pioneering work in The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) and skill development in Risk Intelligence.

We are including a free download of Rob’s latest book Fallibility and Risk, and a link to a ‘Talking Book’ to listen to.