April is DigSafe Month!

April is HERE!  Help us to promote DigSafe Month….

April is once again National DigSafe Month, the time of year when all Common Ground Alliance stakeholders come together to communicate how important it is that professionals and homeowners call before they dig and follow the safe digging process to help prevent injuries, property damage and inconvenient outages.

The BC Government has proclaimed April as Safe Digging Month!

Check out the BCCGA Proclamation for 2018 and share it with your teams.

Send your MP a letter encouraging them to support Bill S-229…

The S-229 microsite promoting bill S-229, and a QUICK electronic process for any Canadian to show their support to their Member of Parliament, is now LIVE – www.icandigsafe.ca  –> it’s EASY!

Encourage your members, employees and other relevant stakeholders to send a letter too.

Attend a Ground Disturbance Training Seminar…

Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley on April 17th and 19th – CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

Talk about underground safety at your safety meetings…

Toolbox Meeting Guides have been developed in collaboration with WorkSafe BC –

We also have a Natural Gas safety video – share the safety video with your workers, co-workers and members.

Promote Safe Digging Month on websites and email…

Help us promote National DigSafe Month by including our website banner on your website or emails for the month of April.


There are more logos, banners and infographics on the Click Before You Dig website – click here!