The Conference Board of Canada’s COVID-19 Resources

The Conference Board of Canada has compiled a go-to resource for insights and analysis on COVID-19. Here, they bring you quick-read articles based on our multi-disciplinary research. Each article gives you a fact-based understanding of the complex issues impacting you and your organization.

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Canadian Outlook Summary Spring 2020
Canada’s economic growth ground to a halt in the fourth quarter of 2019. With the economy already on precarious footing, the added shocks of the recent rail blockade protests, the arrival of COVID-19, and a collapse in oil prices have brought the country to the brink of recession.

Video: Mental health and COVID-19
“Being calm when you’re stressed isn’t the easiest thing to do.”
Join the conversation around mental health and COVID-19 with Dr. Bill Howatt, Chief Research, Workplace Productivity, as he provides tips and ideas to consider when navigating this time of isolation.

Free Webinar: Advice for employers dealing with COVID-19
Understand your obligations, the impact to workplace health and safety, human rights, privacy, and employment laws. This timely conversation will help leaders navigate the global COVID-19 crisis.