Standing Committee on Finance – Ground Disturbance Recommendation

On August 21st, the Province released the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services REPORT ON THE BUDGET 2021 CONSULTATION – VOLUME I.

BCCGA’s attendance and presentation are mentioned in the Executive Summary and then under the heading of Public Safety & Justice on Page 89 of the report under the heading Ground Disturbance is the following:

Ground Disturbance The British Columbia Common Ground Alliance explained how homeowner-caused damage to underground infrastructure, such as telecommunications, water, sewers and natural gas lines, is growing. They stated that such damage not only interrupts access to utility services, it also has environmental impacts, results in costly repairs, and pulls finite emergency resources away from critical need. To prevent homeowner-caused damage to underground infrastructure, the British Columbia Common Ground Alliance recommended requiring homeowners to use the BC 1 Call services before they dig. They explained that by calling or clicking BC 1 Call, a free call and service, homeowners receive all of the locate requests that they need to keep them digging safely.

At the end of the section in Recommendations to Government on Page 92 is the following:

Ground Disturbance Recommendation # 109. Require all homeowners to contact B.C. 1 Call prior to digging on their property to avoid any damage to underground infrastructure.

Thanks to MJ Whitemarsh for keeping ground disturbance awareness top of mind in Victoria.