Locator Training and Certification

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion surrounding locator training courses and certification.

The ASTTBC Registered Utility Locator Technician (RULT) program is designed to recognize the competencies of locators who work in various industries and to deliver an enhanced level of public safety. ASTTBC Registered Utility Locator Technicians provide the ground disturbance community and others with the confidence needed to complete projects efficiently and safely.

The RULT program is independent of any training provider.

BC Common Ground Alliance has developed a Ground Disturbance 201 Standard in collaboration with Alberta Common Ground Alliance. Training providers are encouraged to develop training programs that meet the standard. Standard compliant training opportunities are listed on our website. We monitor standard compliance but the BCCGA does not recommend or endorse any specific training, certificate program or recommend one training provider over another. 

As a reminder, do your research when moving forward with locator training and ‘certification.’ Not all certifications are accredited in this jurisdiction.

If you are a training provider, please feel free to check with us to see how to secure approval and what steps may be necessary.