Canadians Play a Major Role in Global Excavation Safety Conference Virtual

The Excavation Safety Conference has been providing critical education to the damage prevention industry since 2004. The virtual event, April 6-8, offers a diverse selection of education, with multiple sessions offered with a Canadian perspective, including these:

Damage Prevention Awareness for Homeowners in the time of Pandemic: Lessons Learned

Michelle Petrusevich, MA, Public Safety Manager, FortisBC (BC)

Laura Dale, Director, Preventable – The Community Against Preventable Injuries (AB)

Industry leaders in BC reimagined the way homeowners engaged with ground disturbance-related information in the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how this campaign was developed, discuss campaign elements, challenges, and the lessons learned along the way.

Online Locate Requests vs Phone Submissions: Why Go Virtual, and is it Safer?

Josef Rosenberg, Contact Centre Manager, Alberta One-Call Corporation (AB)

In recent years, there has been a push toward self-serve, web-based locate submission. The merits of online requests from an economic standpoint are apparent, buy how much impact can it have on a One Call and their members, and is there any effect on the safety of excavations?

Education vs. Training

John Brix, Motivational Safety Speaker (ON)

The industry is failing to identify the difference between these two aspects. Learn tools on how to create training that reduces costs, increases memory retention in the field, and produces a certified and competent worker.

Innovations Target Reducing Underground Utility Damage During Construction

Geoff Zeiss, Principal, Between the Poles (ON)

Damage to underground utilities represents a significant risk to the public and is a major cause of project delays and budget overruns. In North America there are 400,000 reported incidents every year, but Japan had only 134 in 2016! Why? Learn about international initiatives that seek to reduce incidents and risk during construction.

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