Public Comment Period on CER Filing Manual revised Guides B (Abandonment) and K (Decommissioning)

Consequential edits to the Filing Manual resulting from the coming into force of the CER Act (2019) and related updates, including the CER’s Early Engagement Guide, were published on the CER website on 6 August 2020.

A series of periodic technical updates to the Filing Manual are now underway in a process that is anticipated to occur over the next two years.

The purpose of this note is to announce a 45-day public comment period from 1 March to 14 April 2021 on the first proposed technical revisions, affecting Filing Manual Guides B (Abandonment) and K (Decommissioning).

A feedback page has been created on the CER website, providing links to the draft revised Guides B and K, and a version tracking the proposed changes: