BC Hydro RFP Notice – Transmission Inspector

RFP 16007

** Details of the Request For Proposals ***

BC Hydro is seeking (1) one qualified Consultant or company who can provide all labour, equipment, and transportation for Transmission Standby Services on an “as when and required” basis as described herein for Vancouver Island, B.C.

The role is to perform Transmission Inspector services for Underground Utility, attend work site, document conversations with the requesting Contractor intending to perform underground work and possible observe work method applied, as and when required.

Proposed Term of Contract: July 5, 2021 to July 5, 2023 with an option to renew the Term for (2) one additional successive periods of (1) one year at BC Hydro’s right and absolute discretion to renew. For a potential total term of (4) years

This procurement may involve negotiation.

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