2020 DIRT Report

The 2020 CCGA National DIRT Report is now available.

Please find both the English and French language versions attached.

National DIRT Report 2020 – English

Rapport National ORDI 2020 – French

DIRT For Canada 

Reporting damages into the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) is critical for the CCGA to determine the root causes of those damages and develop mitigating measures to reduce and eliminate them. 

The CCGA’s goals relative to DIRT are:

  • further promote reporting of damage into DIRT;
  • expand the number of reports from participating Regions and confirm reporting from Regions that have yet to do so;
  • enhance the data quality index of all damage reports; and
  • roll-out the societal cost tool to all Regional Partners in Canada.

How to submit your DIRT Reports

The submission deadline is March 31st, annually. All 2020 data can be submitted before the deadline to be included in the next annual report. To participate in DIRT, simply go to www.cga-dirt.com and register as a user. Once your registration is confirmed, you can begin submitting damage information or generate reports on the existing data.

Please visit https://www.cga-dirt.com/ab/control/help.do for DIRT Help & Documentation. DIRT Field Forms are available at the bottom of page https://www.canadiancga.com/national-dirt-and-statistics-committee-public

If you have remaining unanswered questions, you can contact Josef Rosenberg, DIRT Committee Chair, at jrosenberg@utilitysafety.ca.