BC Floods: Request an Emergency Locate Before Trenching or Clean-Up

BC 1 Call | Update posted November 26, 2021

Why This Matters

During any state of emergency, avoiding damage to critical infrastructure and personal injury is of utmost importance. Resources are spread thin to deal with extraordinary cleanup work, making it especially important to click or call BC 1 Call before you dig – every time, even in emergencies.

Experiencing Flooding or Cleaning up?

If you are trenching in an emergency situation to protect from floods, or needing to disturb the ground as part of emergency cleanup, please call 1-800-474-6886 to place your emergency locate requests prior to breaking ground.

Flood and disaster “cleanup work” that warrants contacting BC 1 Call includes:

  • digging drainage ditches
  • cleaning up drainage ditches
  • dragging heavy equipment or structures to higher ground

BC 1 Call’s contact centre is fully resourced to handle an increase in emergency locate requests during this state of emergency. If you can wait three business days for our members to respond to a regular locate request placed on-line, then please do not use the emergency process.  That will free our agents up to focus on emergency calls.

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