Reducing Risk in Excavation Projects

BC 1 Call – November 4, 2021

Professional projects that involve ground disturbance are challenging given the need to stay on time and on budget – all while managing various risks.

It goes without saying: failing to anticipate and deal with risk factors can negatively impact your project’s timeline and profitability, which is why risk management is key to any successful project. And that’s what safe digging best practices are all about: decreasing or eliminating risks.

Increasingly, Excavators are Leveraging BC 1 Call 

Clicking or calling BC 1 Call ahead of breaking ground is now a well-established safe digging best practice in B.C. Here’s the proof:

  • 26 education/training partners now include use of BC 1 Call in profession training courses
  • Job opportunities increasingly require a commitment to use BC 1 Call before disturbing the ground
  • An ever-increasing number of professional contractors are registered as BC 1 Call users
  • More locate request tickets than ever are being submitted by professional contractors

BC 1 Call Members may require use of our service 

89% of respondents to our 2021 Member Survey stated that they have policies or procedures requiring contractors to use BC 1 Call. We also know of some large non-members who also impose this requirement.

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