Notice of BCCGA Annual General Meeting – June 9th

Our Annual General meeting will be held via Zoom on June 9th, 2022 from 10 am to noon.

The meeting will be held to conduct the following business:

10:00          Welcome and Introductions

10:10           Guest Speaker

10:45          Call meeting to order

10:45          Roll Call – Establish Quorum, Introductions and Process Overview

11:00           Approval of Minutes for AGM of 2021

11:05           Business arising from Minutes

11:10            Chair’s Welcome Remarks

11:20           Executive Director’s Report

11:30           Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Financial Statements

11:40           Waive the Appointment of Auditors for Fiscal 2022

11:45           Election of Directors

11:55           Other Business

11:55           Date for next year’s AGM

12:00          Adjournment