2020 CCGA DIRT Report Released

The fourth annual CCGA National DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool) Report for 2020 is now available.

Like previous years, this report presents characteristics, themes and contributing factors leading to buried infrastructure damages in Canada as reported through the DIRT reporting system.  Underground infrastructure provides crucial and essential services to homes, businesses, public institutions, and communities. Whether it is delivery of natural gas for heating, electric power for lighting, high speed fiber for communications, or water supply; these are all critical for both business and day-to-day living. The risk of disruption to the delivery of these services through this vital infrastructure exists every day, and at every excavation job site.

In reviewing the 2020 report and comparing with previous years, total underground infrastructure damages decreased in 2020 by 3% from 2019.  However, the number of locate requests remained relatively constant during this period.  As in previous years, the most prevalent root cause in British Columbia continues to be no locate request. 

While reporting damages in DIRT continues to be voluntary, the data is critical for the CCGA to determine root causes and develop mitigating measures to reduce and eliminate them.

Information for British Columbia is included on page 24.