CER Regulatory Framework Plan:  Seeking Feedback

On behalf of Canadian Energy Regulator (CER)”

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information on recent CER improvements and more importantly, to seek your input and feedback on the regulatory improvement priorities identified in our 2022-25 Regulatory Framework Plan.  

Our Regulatory Framework provides the structure around which all of our regulatory activities take place. It includes the system of laws, regulatory documents and guidance materials we use to regulate the parts of Canada’s energy industry that fall within our scope of authority.   

We are sharing our Regulatory Framework Plan: 2022 to 2025.

Every year, the Regulatory Framework Plan is prepared; setting out the regulations, regulatory documents, and guidance that we plan to develop or amend over a three-year period, including the projected timelines.

We have published a new graphic and expanded description of the CER Regulatory Framework on the CER website. This is also summarized in the attached Fact Sheet.

It is important to us that information on our Regulatory Framework is accessible to all those who are affected by it, and the purpose of our regulatory requirements is clear.

We invite you to read the enclosed Regulatory Framework Plan.

Your input is important to us.

We welcome any feedback you might have on aspects of our Regulatory Framework that could be made clearer, as well as the contents of the current Regulatory Framework Plan.

Please contact: regulatory.framework@cer-rec.gc.ca