Calling All Locators!

The ASTTBC registered utility locator certification program is the first of its kind in BC. It is designed to recognize the competencies of locators who work in various industries and to deliver an enhanced level of public safety. Learn more here.

ASTTBC is in consultation on the Registered Technical Specialist (RTS) subclasses, this includes the CPWI, RPWT and RULT designations.  These designations may be sunset (discontinued) by 2024.  Please read the RTS Review Consultation page for full details.

Applications will continue to be accepted/processed until there is a final decision.

There are currently only 12 RULT certified Locators in the ASTTBC system.

We need your support to show ASTTBC this is a keeper!

  • Let us know you are interested in pursuing this important technical designation by emailing and then…
  • Note ~ We are happy to provide support through the process if you need it.