BCCGA DIRT Committee and 2022 Data Deadline

We are seeking members to join the BCCGA DIRT Committee with our new Committee Chair, Jimmy Yip of Fortis BC. We encourage more people to make the routine submissions, and so it will be great to get a few folks together to discuss the possibility. Please email cheryl@commongroundbc.ca if you are interested in supporting data collection in BC.

From CGA

As we approach data loading season for your 2022 information, CGA has been working to upgrade some elements of our Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) interface to improve your user experience.

While most of the DIRT functionality will continue to look and feel the way you have come to expect, you may notice that the DIRT homepage, main menu and how-to content have been reorganized to create a more streamlined experience. We hope that the menu reorganization, as well as the updates to the “Getting Started,” “Submitting Data,” and other background and instructional content on the site are helpful. 

We encourage you to visit DIRT today as you prepare to submit your 2022 data by the March 31 deadline!