First Canadian National Line Locating Standard Launched – February 2023

The Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors (CAPULC) is proud to announce the successful completion and launch of the Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard. As a leading industry association representing companies involved in locating buried facilities across Canada, CAPULC has over 100 members and is committed to promoting safety, providing leadership, and enhancing the reputation of the underground facility locating industry in Canada.

This standard represents a significant milestone for the industry, creating a comprehensive framework for locating underground infrastructure. This is essential for safeguarding existing buried facilities, including energy pipelines, water pipelines, and power lines, among others, against accidental damage. While the standard can be used in various ways, it is particularly beneficial to the industry by providing a consistent framework to gain efficiencies through standardization and build a talent pool, a shortage of which has been magnified by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the support of Jiva Consulting, the CAPULC Board oversaw a rigorous year-long process that involved extensive research and peer review before formally accepting and releasing the standard for use. The scope of the document offers guidance on the locating process for all types of buried infrastructure across Canada. This achievement marks the culmination of many years of effort by CAPULC members and represents the first document of its kind in Canada, consolidating guidance at the national level.

According to CAPULC Board President Jamie Andersen, the lack of a standardized document has made it increasingly challenging to establish consistency and cultivate proficiency in the industry, given the escalating demand for this vital service. “We are thrilled to release this document,” Ms. Andersen said. “With Jiva’s support, we have been able to distill a complex process into clear guidance for individuals involved with locating underground facilities. The document’s instructions will assist industry professionals across Canada in operating safely and effectively. It also provides a practical foundation on which we can attract, retain, and develop talent. Line locating is a crucial aspect of maintaining our infrastructure and a viable career path.”

Jiva Consulting is an independent consulting and educational organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a wealth of experience in effective knowledge transfer for technical topics to support energy industry competency.

See a copy of the Standard.