Excavation Safety Alliance Virtual Town Halls

What are the best ways to avoid cross bores? May 11 @ 10:30 CDT

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Safety Alliance (ESA) virtual Town Halls are an open forum for all stakeholders to discuss concerns and present potential solutions to improve damage prevention and excavation safety. The ESA Town Halls are free to attend and are open to anyone.

The goal of each ESA Town Hall is to provide a forum for open discussion on key industry topics and to be a place where anyone can suggest solutions or improvements. There is rarely one solution that will work for everyone, but often someone has a solution that will work for others. While outlining the problems and causes is an important first step, the goal of the ESA Town Halls is to end up focused on solutions and improvements.

Each ESA Town Hall will have a moderator and a panel. As a Town Hall these will be heavily weighted towards questions and comments from the virtual audience. At the end of each Town Hall there will be a short survey asking participants if there should be follow-up meetings on this topic to keep discussing solution ideas.