About Us

The BC Common Ground Alliance is a non-profit organization established to lead development of consistent practices and coordination of activities to ensure the highest possible standards of worker safety, public safety and damage prevention in connection with underground infrastructure.

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What We Do

BC Common Ground Alliance is coordinating working groups to develop and deliver:

  • Best Practice Guidelines for Safe Excavation
  • Safety Recognition – City of Excellence Award
  • Education – Safe Digging Workshops
  • National level priorities
  • Advocation for use of the DIRT tool (statistical database of hits)
  • Networking and collaborating
  • Improving stakeholder engagement
  • Responding to calls for input into regulatory amendments
  • Circulation of relevant information regarding safety and industry practice.


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Our Excavation Network reaches over 2,500 ground disturbers across BC…

What can you do?

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The Canadian Common Ground Alliance is the voice of Canada’s Regional Partner CGAs dedicated to working toward damage prevention solutions that will benefit all Canadians. Their website is a portal to Canada’s CGA Partners and provides routine updates to the damage prevention issues of national interest the CCGA is managing on behalf of their Regional Partners.

With the generosity of Jeremy Bieber, the Canadian Common Ground Alliance offers this public service announcement for your public awareness programs to enhance public safety and the integrity of all buried utilities.