QR Code to Click Before You Dig!

Given the proliferation of QR Codes, Utility Safety Partners recently developed the ClickBeforeYouDig QR Code.

The QR Code directs scanners to www.ClickBeforeYouDig.com — the one-window portal to commence the damage prevention process anywhere in Canada and the United States. In BC, users are directed to BC 1 Call.

We strongly encourage you to incorporate this QR Code into all damage prevention awareness programs and promotional documentation. If you use the Code, you are welcome to add your corporate branding providing it doesn’t reduce or change the “Click” branding at the bottom.

Analysis has proven that the online locate request process significantly reduces damage to underground infrastructure. The more we shift Calls to Clicks, the less damage there will be.

The damage prevention process, and public, worker and community safety, will significantly benefit from proliferation of this QR code — particularly when it is affixed to buried utility markers and signage.

Utility Safety Partners hosts the ClickBeforeYouDig website and audits all links quarterly. Note that USP also owns the ClickBeforeYouDig trademark in Canada and the U.S. If you wish to use it, please contact us by email (info@utilitysafety.ca) for authorized logos and branding guidelines.