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In the past, BC Common Ground Alliance developed, through the commitment and consensus of its members, a manual of Best Practices.  Over the past two years, BCCGA has focused its efforts on working with partners across Canada to harmonize Best Practices into a single volume.  The first of these was published in 2015.

These practices represent a statement of the type of activities that CCGA believes do provide optimum levels of diligence towards preventing damage to underground infrastructure. Not all stakeholders are presently in a position to adopt these practices, however, it is anticipated that progression will be made towards following the practices over time.

CCGA Best Practices, Volume 2.0 is now available in PDF.

We will have a limited number of printed copies available soon.

Your feedback and input is important to us!

Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Our intent is to make the statement of these Best Practices as easy to use as possible.  Your input in helping us do this would be most appreciated.  All industry stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to submit suggestions and to join Best Practice Committee meetings.  Participation at this level is not restricted to BCCGA members.

The Best Practice Committee is always working on the next volume of Best Practices.  If you are interested in participating in the development of Best Practices in Canada, have any comments about Best Practices Version 2.0 that would be helpful to the process or any new Best Practices that should be considered, please email

If you have any general inquiries about the BCCGA, please feel free to contact the BCCGA.

The prior Version of BC Best Practices are available online at: